Walking in Castellammare del Golfo, Sicily

Walking up and down in Castellammare del Golfo

Castellammare del Golfo - Provincia di Trapani is a town in the Trapani Province of Sicily. The name is roughly translated “Sea Fortress of the Gulf.” It is so named because of the medieval fortress in the harbor. The body of water it sits upon also takes its name from the fortress, Golfo di Castellammare. In the last fifteen years Castellammare becames a very well visited and nice touristic destination, appreceated by sportif people who likes watersports and boating, because of it's beautyful coastline. Charming restaurants and a creative night life makes the rest.

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In ancient times, Castellammare had been the harbor of Segesta, one of the main towns of the Elymian people. Fishing has been important in Castellammare del Golfo dating back to ancient times. Today the town’s economy continues to be based on fishing with the addition of tourism. The town is noted, however, for having been the birthplace of many American Mafia figures, including Salvatore Maranzano, Joseph Ristuccia, Michael Monte and Joseph Bonanno. Also Sylvester Stallone’s father Frank Stallone Sr. was originally from Castellammare del Golfo. From this name comes also the Castellamarese war, fought by Joe Masseria clan against Salvatore Maranzano clan for the leadership of the Italian Mafia in New York city.